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TOEFL Introduction

TOEFL is one of the most popular English proficiency exams accepted at American and Canadian universities and schools abroad. TOEFL tests the international students’ usage and understanding of English as it is spoken, written and heard in college and university surroundings. The Educational Testing Services (ETS) is the conducting body of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and is responsible for setting the TOEFL questions, conducting the test, and sending each examinee their scorecard. Students wanting to study abroad, can choose from multiple TOEFL Test Dates available round-the-year and select from the various test centres located across major cities to appear for their TOEFL Exam.

Why take the TOEFL Exam?
TOEFL 2020 Exam Highlights
Particulars Details
Exam Name TOEFL
TOEFL full form Test of English as a Foreign Language
Official Website
Conducting body Educational Testing Service (ETS)
Widely popular as English language proficiency test
Generally accepted by Universities in USA and Canada
Mode of exam Internet-based and Paper-based
TOEFL iBT fee US$180
TOEFL Paper-based test fee US$180
Score Range Reading: 030
Score Range Listening: 030
Score Range Speaking: 030
Score Range Writing: 030
TOEFL Helpline 1-609-771-7100, 1-877-863-3546
Fax 1-610-290-8972
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TOEFL 2020 Important Dates

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TOEFL 2020 Registration

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Steps to Register for TOEFL

Here are the steps you are required to follow to register online for your TOEFL Exam.

Step 1

Candidates are required to create a new account or log in to an already existing account on the official website.
Step 1

Step 2

Candidates would be then required to carefully flesh out their profile. They would be required to provide additional information that could come handy during the time of their admission or sending of scores.

Step 2

Step 3

Candidates would be then required to select their TOEFL Exam Date that is most convenient to them as test-takers

Step 3

Step 4

Candidates can then select a Test Centre that is convenient to them.

Step 4

Step 5

Once the candidate has opted for his choice of Test Date and Exam Centre he would be redirected to the exam payment gateway page. Candidates would be required to pay the TOEFL Examination fee has mentioned. Candidates should be careful to check the details of the examination credentials here. Once the payment is made, changes made henceforth would incur a price

Step 5

Step 6

Once the payment has been made. Candidates can take a print out of the acknowledgment receipt. They would also have access to the same on their account dashboard.

Step 6
Other Methods to Register for TOEFL

TOEFL 2020 Test Pattern

Section Duration Questions Tasks
Reading 6080 minutes 3656 questions Reading 3 or 4 passages from the academic texts and answering questions based on them.
Listening 6090 minutes 3451 questions Listening to lectures, conversations, classroom discussions, and, then answer questions based on them
Speaking 20 minutes 6 tasks Candidates need to express their opinion on a topic familiar to them and speak based on reading and listening tasks.
Writing 50 minutes 2 tasks Candidates need to write essay responses based on reading and listening tasks, along with supporting the opinion in writing

TOEFL 2020 Syllabus

The TOEFL syllabus for iBT tests students’ reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. The TOEFL Pattern is designed to assess various skills of the candidates and knows their English language proficiency. Here is the TOEFL exam format covering writing syllabus, reading syllabus, listening syllabus, and speaking syllabus:


In this section, you will read 3-5 passages and answer 12-14 questions about each passage. The section is scored based on the number of correct reading comprehension responses.

  1. Question type: 34 passages, 10 questions each
  2. Total no. of questions: About 40
  3. Total time: 54-72 minutes


In the test section, you will hear short conversations as well as long conversations. After the short conversation, you will be asked one question and multiple choices of answers will be given. You have to choose one answer. In long conversations, you will be asked multiple questions based on the conversation.

Question type:

a) 34 lectures (3-5 minutes long, about 500-800 words), 6 questions each; About 30 questions in total

b) 23 conversations (about 3 minutes long, about 12-25 exchanges), 5 questions each; About 12 questions in total

Total no. of questions: 40+

Total time: 4157 minutes


For you to earn the highest scores in the Speaking Section, your responses must fulfill the demands of the task given with only minor mistakes or lapses. The test graders are looking for a highly intelligible and sustained conversation. There are three main factors that comprise scoring for the section.

Speaking Questions covered in TOEFL Syllabus:

a) 1 independent task (prep time: 15 sec; response time: 45 sec)
b) 3 integrated tasks Read/Listen/Speak (prep time: 30 sec; response time: 60 sec)

Total no. of questions: 4

Total time: 17 minutes


The essay should effectively address a topic. The response should be well-organized and well-developed using relevant explanations and detailed support. Furthermore, it should also display unity, progression, and coherence. If you want to achieve a high writing score, make sure that you demonstrate the syntactic variety and appropriate word choice with minor grammatical errors.

Writing Questions Covered in TOEFL Syllabus:

a) 1 integrated task Read/Listen/Write (20 minutes) (reading time: 3 min; listening time: 2 min; writing: 15 min)
b) 1 independent task (30 minutes)

Total no. of questions: 2

Total time: 50 minutes

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