GMAT One-on-One Prep

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INR 45000 (ALL INCL)
  • Preparations for GMAT
  • Complete Personal Attention
  • Live Classes Every Day - 4 to 5 Hours
  • Convenient Time Slots
  • 90+ Hours of Training
  • Revision Workshops
  • Recorded Session after the class

IELTS One-on-One Prep

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INR 20000 (ALL INCL)
  • Preparations for IELTS
  • Complete Personal Attention
  • Live Classes Every Day - 4 to 5 Hours
  • Convenient Time Slots
  • 90+ Hours of Training
  • Revision Workshops
  • Recorded Session after the class

Study Abroad @ Proton

Proton Training Solution is a leading Test Prep Institute in Pune for Management Entrance Examms, Law Entrance Exams, Aptitude and Campus Placement Training. From 2013 to 2019, we have grown leaps & bounds.
Now we are aggressively venturing into study abroad program.  MBA from abroad is a sought after career option in the present scenario. Students often seek information about various college options, their eligibility, entrance exams & other aspects of pursuing MBA outside India. This section helps you understand various aspects related to the Study Abroad Option for Management Courses..

MBA Abroad - Requirement & Eligibility

The first and foremost eligibility requirement is to have completed a basic bachelors level graduation degree. This could be an engineering degree (B.E, B.Tech), B.Sc, B.Com, B.A. or in any other discipline. A Masters or doctoral (PhD) degree is also fine. 

Work experience is NOT A COMPULSORY CRITERIA:-
It may come as a little surprise , but work experience is not a complusory criteria for admission in top MBA colleges abroad. Although , work experience gives a boost to the overall profile of the candidate, a fresher can always compensate for the same with a high GMAT score. Here are some of the advantages that one gets , being a fresher: 

  • Early start It helps you to learn new things at the early stage.
  • Opportunity to develop skills Develop language skill, analytical skill.
  • Grow Business Experience Academically, professionally, and culturally – you get exposure internationally and get the chance to obtain a quality education, and gain cultural exposure through gap semesters and internships abroad 
  • Save time You can complete your studies without taking any gap or break in between of education
Top Colleges
Rank College Country Avg. Package(US$)
1 GSB Stanford USA 228074
2 Harvard USA 205486
3 Insead France/SGP 179661
4 Wharton USA 197267
5 CEIBS China 174115
6 London Business School UK 169675
7 Booth/Chicago USA 185861
8 MIT:Sloan USA 188173
9 Columbia Business School USA 184099
10 UC Berkeley:Haas USA 188746
Part time work opportunity

Here is a list of on-campus part time work opportunity for students in US:-

1. Library Monitor
2. Teaching Assistant
3. Tour Guide
4. Peer Tutor
5. Academic Department Assistant
6. Campus Tech Support
7. Production assistant
8. University Book Store Assistant
9. Barista

Accomodation (USA)

Most university students in the US live on or near the campus. Students who live off-campus generally find a place a couple of miles away. This is convenient for getting to and from campus. The US educational experience is not confined just to the classroom, and you will learn as much from your fellow students as from the faculty.

If the university offers on-campus accommodations for international students, you should consider living on-campus at least for the first year. Since this will probably be your first trip to the US, on-campus housing will help with the transition to life in the US. Once you are more familiar with the neighborhood, you can then consider moving off-campus.

Renting a house is usually the only option if you will be sharing it with other roommates. The cost of renting an apartment varies a lot depending on the area of the country and the local supply and demand. A one bedroom studio apartment in Alabama might cost $400 a month, while the same apartment in Chicago or New York will cost $1,200 or more. The college’s financial aid office or housing office can provide you with an estimate of the cost of renting an off-campus apartment.

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