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" Given below are questions based on Simple Interest & Compound Interest . Get handy practice with some of the specially designed questions from a wide variety with difficulties ranging from moderate to difficult. Try your hand and find out whether your practice is paying off! "


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• This paper contains 25 Multiple Choice Questions.
• There is only one correct answer to each question.
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Q1 .Eight bananas and six apples cost a certain amount. If the cost of a banana increases by 10% and the cost of an apple decreases by 10%, then eight bananas and six apples will cost the same amount. What is the ratio of the cost of a banana to that of an apple?

Q2 . Instead of dividing $117 among A, B and C in the ratio 1/2 : 1/3 : 1/4 we divided the sum in the ratio 2 : 3 : 4. Who gained the most and by what amount?

Q3 . $430 is divided among 45 persons consisting of men, women and children. The sum of shares of men, women and children is in the ratio 12 : 15 : 16, but the individual shares of a man, a woman and a child are in the ratio 6 : 5 : 4. Find the share of each man, woman and child, respectively.

Q4 . Three partners X, Y and Z start a business. Initially, X contributes Rs. 2500, Y contributes Rs. 3000 and Z contributes Rs. 1500. After 7 months, Y withdraws Rs. 1000, while at the end of 8 months, Z further invests Rs. 2000. The total profit at the end of the year is Rs. 5568. How should this profit be divided (in Rs.) among the partners, respectively?

Q5 . The speed of a railway engine is 42 kmph when no compartment is attached and the reduction in speed is directly proportional to the square root of the number of compartments attached. If the speed of the train carried by this engine is 24 kmph, when 9 compartments are attached, then find the maximum number of compartments that can be carried by the engine.

Q6 . The cost of a diamond varies directly from the square of its weight. Once, this diamond broke into four pieces with weights in the ratio 1 : 2 : 3 : 4. When the pieces were sold, the merchant got Rs. 70,000 less. Find the original price of the diamond.

Q7 . On her birthday, Ritu distributes 124 chocolates in her class. She gives 4 chocolates to each girl and 3 chocolates to each boy. If she had given 2 chocolates to each boy and girl, she would have saved 52 chocolates. The ratio of the number of girls to boys in Ritu's class is:

Q8 . The ratio of the number of sparrows on the left and right branches of a tree is 7 : 13. If 12 sparrows shift to the left branch from the right, then the number of sparrows on the left branch is equal to that on the right branch. How many sparrows were there on the left branch, before the shift? (Assume that the branches of the tree are classified as either left branches or right branches.)

Q9 . A garrison of 2,000 men has provisions for 20 weeks at the rate of 2.5 kg per day per man. After 4 weeks, 500 more men join the garrison. For how many more weeks, will the remaining provisions last at the rate of 2 kg per day per man?

Q10 . The monthly telephone bill has a fixed tariff for up to 50 outgoing calls. Outgoing calls over 50 are charged at a certain fixed rate per call. The monthly bills of Ramesh and Suresh who made 98 outgoing calls and 218 outgoing calls, respectively, were Rs.300 and Rs.450, respectively. Find the monthly bill of a person who has made 160 outgoing calls (in Rs) ?

NOTE : add answer without (Rs / ₹) sign 

Q11 . Each of the four girls, A, B, C and D had a few chocolates. A first gave 1/3rd of the chocolates with her to B. B then gave 1/4th of what she had to C and C then gave 1/5th of what she had to D. Finally, all four girls had an equal number of chocolates. If A had 80 chocolates more than B initially, find the ratio between the number of chocolates that C and D initially had

NOTE : add answer without (Rs / ₹) sign 

Q12 . A person reads 20 books, each having the same number of pages, completely in 25 days at the rate of 80 pages per day. The number of days he takes to read such books varies directly as the number of books he reads when his reading rate is constant and inversely as his reading rate (in pages/day) when the number of books he reads is constant. How many more such books can he read in 150 days reading 20 pages per day?

Q13 . A watermelon is cut into two pieces in a ratio of 3:5 by weight. The bigger of the two is further cut in the ratio of 5:7 by weight. Find the ratio of each of the three pieces

Q14 . There are two alloys of gold and copper. In the first alloy, there is twice as much gold as copper and in the second alloy, there is 5 times less gold than copper. How many times of the second alloy should be taken than the first, in order to obtain a new alloy in which there would be twice as much copper as gold?

Q15 . The average age of the students in a class of 50 is 13. The weight of each student is directly proportional to the height. A 165 cm tall student has a weight of 33 kg. The average weight of the class is:

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