Placement Preparation

When you start preparing for placements you have to keep certain things in your mind like

  • Resume Building
  • Develop Aptitude Skills
  • Technical Knowledge
  • Personality Developmen

    These are certain things you need to be prepared because up-to 76% of the companies use assessment tools like aptitude and personality test to hire external employees. Criteria and pattern of the tests are different from one organization to another. Employees need to go through some rounds (which is again decided by the company) before they get placed in that particular company.

  • Aptitude Test
    • Quantitative Aptitude
    • Verbal Ability (don’t get confused between verbal reasoning n verbal ability, they are differen)
    • Analytical Ability/Logical Reasoning
  • Group Discussion
    • If you’re preparing for MBA Entrance Exam Group Discussion (GD) is an important part of MBA selection process. GD Topics for MBA including topics on Current Affairs, Business & Economy and even Abstract topics to check the creativity of college students
    • If you go for a placement round you need to have concrete knowledge about current affairs, Business & Economy and even Abstract topics like
    • Reading Daily news paper, Magazines is going to help you increase that knowledge

Prepare for Placement Season with Proton

Proton helps you prepare for the placement season starting your preparation from beginning of the semester. For more information contact us and get ready to face the interview with confidence.

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