Institutional Tie-ups

Personality Development & Aptitude Training at your location

Proton Franchise

Super flexible franchise model

Advertise with Proton

Get increased visibility in untapped segment & region with reach of Proton

Corporate Services

Specially customized services as per the requirements for corporates


You can partner with us in the following ways

Proton Franchise
  • We have a well chalked out Franchise model. You can open a Training Centre in your area with the help of our experienced team.
  • We provide all the support in terms of Content, Marketing, Faculty training etc.
Institutional Tie-Ups
  • We provide Personality Development and Aptitude Training to Colleges and B-Schools at their location.
  • These workshops are generally held before the Placement Season and help students in gaining confidence and learning soft skills.
  • We have had tie-ups with 20+ colleges in and around Pune and clock 100+ training hours for each
Advertise with Proton
  • To reach a niche/ targeted audience of students, teachers, we offer advertising services through banner ads on our website.
  • This helps in building your brand and reaching the right audience.
Corporate Services
  • We offer Corporate Services like conducting Campus Interviews for our Corporate Clients.
  • We handle the Operations, Online Test and other Logistical requirements.
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