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The Government of India established the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) in 1963 as an independent body to help professionalize India’s foreign trade management and enhance exports by training human resources, evaluating and disseminating data, and undertaking research. From 2020 onwards, the IIFT’s MBA (International Business) Program is a six-trimester general management program with a focus on International Business, designed to develop a competent cadre of business executives to meet the country’s growing demand for trained personnel in the field of International Business Management.

The registration and application procedure for the IIFT MBA 2022 program has begun at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. Students who want to apply for the National Testing Agency’s IIFT MBA 2022 exams should go to the NTA or IIFT 2022 official websites to complete the registration and application process.

The IIFT MBA 2022 registration process began on September 2, 2021, and students had until September 15, 2021, to submit their applications. Students interested in taking the IIFT 2022 MBA examinations can find all of the information they need here about the IIFT 2022 MBA Admissions, including eligibility requirements, application procedures, exam patterns, and other pertinent details.

Number of MBA colleges under IIFT Exam IIFT Delhi, Kolkata and Kakinada (Yet to commence)
Mode of IIFT Entrance Exam 2022 Computer Based Test (Changed from Paper Based test)
IIFT 2022 Application Process Online
IIFT Exam Application Fee Rs.2000/- (Under Revision)
IIFT Exam Full Form Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Entrance Exam
IIFT Exam cut off Percentile 95 Percentile
IIFT Exam Raw Score cut off out of 100 39 to 42 marks (Based on last year cut off)
Total Questions in IIFT Exam 114 (based on Last Year number)
Sectional Division of IIFT 2022 Exam 6 Sections with different number of Questions in Each Section
IIFT 2022 Exam Duration 2 Hours (10AM to 12 Noon)
IIFT Exam 2022 Key sections VA, RC, Quant, DI, LR, GK
IIFT Exam Difficulty Level Moderate to Difficult
Maximum Marks in IIFT Exam 100
IIFT 2022 Scoring Pattern Varying Scoring pattern of 0.5 Mark to 1 Mark for each correct
Negative Marking 1/3 of the Marks allotted for correct answer
Importance of Sectional Score Candidates to qualify in each section and achieve the minimum cut

Eligibility Criteria

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IIFT 2022 Exam Pattern

The IIFT 2022 exam will follow the same pattern as the IIFT 2021 exam from last year. The IIFT exam is conducted online and lasts two hours. About 110 questions from VARC, General Knowledge, Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation, and Quantitative Analysis will be on the question paper, ranging in difficulty from moderate to severe.

IIFT 2022 Exam Pattern Key Features
Conducting body National Testing Agency (NTA)
Exam mode Computer-Based Mode
Exam duration Two hours
Number of sections Six
Nature of questions Multiple-choice questions
Number of questions in each section Not specific
Total number of questions 114
Marks allotted for every correct answer 0.5-1 mark
Negative Marking 1/3rd of total marks per question
Total marks 100
Sectional time limit No limit
IIFT Marking Scheme - Section-wise
Data Interpretation 20 1 0.33
Logical Reasoning 20 1 0.33
General Awareness 20 1 0.33
English Grammar 18 0.5 0.17
Vocabulary and Comprehension 16 1 0.33
Quantitative Analysis 20 0.75 0.25
Total 114 100

IIFT Exam 2022 Key Highlights

  • IIFT is India’s premier business school, ranking 26th in the National Institutional Ranking Framework, which is compiled and published annually by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD).
  • The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) was founded in 1963 as an autonomous entity within the Ministry of Commerce and Industry with the goal of contributing to India’s foreign trade sector’s skill development.
  • The institute holds a separate entrance exam, known as the IIFT, which allows aspirants to enroll in their MBA program.
  • There are two campuses of the Institute, one in Delhi and the other in Kolkata.
  • The MBA (IB) is a residential program, and all students are obliged to live in the hostel.

IIFT 2022 Important Dates

Registrations begin 2-Sep
Registrations end 15-Oct
IIFT 2022 Exam 5-Dec
Result announcement 22-Jan
Announcement of shortlist TBA


As a first step, aspirants should be aware that the IIFT test is divided into four portions, which are as follows:

  • English Comprehension – Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension
  • General Knowledge & Business Awareness
  • Quantitative Analysis and
  • Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation

To comprehend the level of difficulty that exam takers would confront in the IIFT exam, aspirants must properly learn the topics from these categories. The following are some of the topics that appear frequently on the exam:

Logical Reasoning Comparisons, Directions, Coding-Decoding, Deductions, Input & Output etc.
Data Interpretation Bar Graph, Pie Chart, Table, Line Graph etc.
Verbal Ability Grammar, Analogy, Spellings, Phrases, Synonyms, Antonyms, etc.
Reading Comprehension Passages, Fill in the Blanks,
Quantitative Ability Numbers, Geometry, Mensuration, Permutation & Combination etc.
General Awareness Politics, Business, Economics, Banking, History, Geography, Sports etc.

Tips for IIFT Exam 2022

  • Give consideration to all four sections, including sub-sections, because passing the sectional cut-off is the only way to go.
  • Due to the differential marking method, keep a close eye on your time management.
  • Overall, a three-pronged strategy to managing the IIFT test is the most effective: assuring concept familiarity, building application orientation, and honing test-taking tactics.
  • A good score for Quantitative Aptitude might be between 11 and 15. Students should aim to attempt 12-16 questions in Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, and 4-8 questions in the general awareness part. Attempting 23 to 28 questions in the reading comprehension and verbal abilities part is recommended.
  • Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Grammar problems make up the Verbal portion. Aspirants to the IIFT must concentrate on improving their reading skills as well as other aspects of the English language. The student’s vocabulary and grammar are checked using verbal ability. To do well in this area, one must also be familiar with other components such as analogy and idioms.

IIFT Preparation Tips for Verbal Section

As we can see, questions on RC passages have dominated the last three years’ IIFT question paper, and the general difficulty level has been modest, thus one must concentrate on the fundamentals. Check out the recommendations below for VARC test 2022 preparation.

  • Unlike the CAT, where the passages are dense and inference-based, and the XAT, where a few sections are in the form of poetry, the IIFT exam’s RC portions are fact-based.
  • The trick is to practice reading on a regular basis. Every day, read for at least one to two hours. Newspapers, magazines, blogs, business reports, fiction and non-fiction novels, and other materials are available for reading.
  • Make it a practice to read a variety of topics. Psychology, philosophy, economics, politics, development, literature, art & culture, psychiatry, and current events are just a few of the themes covered.
  • Reading will also assist you in developing a strong vocabulary base. If you come across a difficult word, write it down and look it up in the dictionary to see what it means.
  • The IIFT question paper has a lot of difficult languages. As a result, you must not only memorize word meanings, but also their etymology, origin, and context usage.
  • Solve IIFT practice papers and mock examinations to have sufficient experience with reading comprehension passages.
  • Because the Reading Comprehension passages on the IIFT exam are moderate in length (500-800 words), you’ll need a lot of practice reading four readings in a short amount of time without missing any crucial facts.
  • Do not use speed or reverse reading on the IIFT exam. Read the passage at a moderate pace before answering the questions. Because the paragraphs are fact-based, you are unlikely to encounter any ambiguous remarks.

IIFT Preparation: Tips to crack DI and Reasoning

  • Practice, practice, and more practice are the keys to cracking DI and Reasoning questions. Because there are no equations to remember, the only way to succeed in this area is to practice a wide range of sample questions.
  • Solve each sample question at least three times while studying for DILR so that the technique is ingrained in your mind.
  • The DI questions on the IIFT exam require a lot of math. As a result, memorize the Table (at least up to 20), squares, cubes, square roots, percentage, and fraction. This will help you save time throughout the exam.
  • The answer to the LR questions can be found in the question itself. As a result, thoroughly read the question. To grasp the primary question, break it down into sections.
  • When practicing LR questions and mock tests, as well as during the actual exam, use the elimination procedure. Read the question carefully and eliminate the impossible options first.
  • You can also use the reverse technique, which entails looking at the answer choices first and then reading the questions. This is a nice method to start by eliminating the bad possibilities.
  • Try a range of IIFT practice tests to gain a feel for the different types of LRDI questions. Select a subsection mock test to practice time management, which is critical for exam success.
  • Because the IIFT uses negative marking, make it a habit to choose the proper question to answer in a matter of seconds. You’ll have to make quick selections in the final exam.

IIFT Preparation Tips for Quantitative Aptitude

All you need for IIFT 2022 Quantitative Aptitude section preparation is a smart strategy. Because Quantitative Aptitude is all about mathematics, clarity of concepts and a lot of practice are two prerequisites for success. Here are a few pointers for individuals who are preparing for the Quantitative Aptitude exam.

  • Divide the IIFT 2022 QA syllabus into three categories: simple, moderate, and difficult. Start with difficult topics at the beginning of your IIFT preparation because you will have more time.
  • After you’ve finished a QA topic, practice a few questions the next day to see how well you’ve grasped it.
  • At no point should you study more than one QA topic at a time? Complete one before moving on to the next. It is not necessary to speed through the issues. Remember that memorizing theorems and equations won’t help you unless you know how to apply them correctly in a variety of situations.
  • If you’re coming from a non-engineering or non-commerce background, take it slowly. To brush up on the fundamentals, start with NCERT Mathematics books for classes 9 and 10.
  • To get support from professionals and mentors, join online study groups on Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Telegram, and other platforms. There will be a large number of other students there with whom you can exchange notes and ideas. You will stay motivated if you join a social group with a common goal (cracking the IIFT exam).
  • To improve speed and accuracy in answering questions, take a sufficient number of IIFT practice tests. Practice mock tests and sample questions from a variety of sources to become familiar with a wide range of QA questions.
  • Make a list of all theorems and equations you come across. Every other day, set aside an hour to review QA equations.
  • Negative marking is used in the IIFT. As a result, choose your questions carefully during the exam. Only attempt those with which you are comfortable. Don’t waste your time and energy on difficult questions.
  • Develop your mental arithmetic skills. It will come in handy throughout the exam for rapid calculations.

IIFT Exam 2022 Registration

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Specification for documents
Signature JPEG/.JPG between 10 kb to 200 kb
Photograph .JPEG/.JPG between 4kb to 30 kb
Reserved category certificate .JPEG/.JPG between 50kb to 300 kb
Steps to be followed to fill IIFT 2022 Registration form

IIFT Exam 2022 Admit Card

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IIFT Exam 2022 Exam Results

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IIFT Exam 2022 Exam Cutoff

IIFT Exam 2022 Selection Procedure

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  1. Essay Writing:

2. Group Discussion & Interview:

How to Prepare for IIFT 2022 Exam in 6 months

Read a Lot

Any candidate sitting the IIFT exam should read extensively. Reading relevant content aids test-takers in achieving high English Comprehension scores. Students’ vocabulary is improved by reading newspapers, blogs, editorials, and magazines, among other things. Candidates can also keep up with current events and study for the General Knowledge section this way.

Try Out a Number of Exam Strategies

Tips from IIFT exam toppers or students who have already passed the exam might be quite beneficial. However, just because something worked for them doesn’t guarantee it will work for you. This is especially true when it comes to exam preparation. Exam strategies may differ from one student to the next. As a result, you should look for one that is appropriate for you.

Complete Syllabus on Time

Spend the first three months of the six-month period completing the IIFT test syllabus. Begin with the fundamentals of quality assurance. Move on to Data Interpretation once you’ve achieved conceptual clarity. Every day, set aside a couple of hours for Verbal Ability and English Grammar. You’ll know your strong and weak areas by the end of three months, which you may work on with the help of mock tests and sample papers.

Practice Mock Tests

Mock tests and sample papers should take up the second half of the six-month period. It is a well-known fact that no competitive exam preparation is complete without mock test practice. To get control over all themes and types of questions, take at least 25-30 IIFT mock examinations.

Increase Speed of Solving MCQs

In two hours, IIFT candidates are asked to solve 110 questions. This means that each question will take less than a minute to answer. As a result, most experts advise students to take as many practice tests as possible before taking the real test.

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