How to Prepare in Last Month of CAT Exam

As we all know the official month for the CAT examination. Aspirants don’t sleep well and are upset regarding the examination. Having pre-exam jitters? Evidently, yes!! Don’t worry, we’ll guide you. The CAT communication is quickly approaching, therefore it’s natural to be troubled.

CAT is a national-level entrance exam for admission into the top-most IIMs. It has three sections, including VARC, DILR, and QA. The exam is scheduled to be held in the month of November.

Some tips that aspirants can follow to prepare for CAT in Last month.

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) – The best way for VARC is READING. Keep on reading and don’t forget to diversify your reading. If the exam is on 27th Nov, so read as much as you can till the 20th. Keep adding new words to your vocabulary everyday till the last day and remember to revise the already learnt words.

Time management is very important in the CAT examination. As we know sentence arrangement and misfits, from these topics the number of questions asked are less so don’t waste time in these topics. Always read some difficult articles from the areas of your interest. Give extra emphasis on RCs and CR.

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR): It covers more than 30% part of the total CAT paper. It is one of those sections whose preparation strategy building is very tricky and is subjective to the mental ability and hard work of the aspirant.  First, don’t dread this section. Confidence is the key. Focus on basic calculations and practice them every day to avoid mistakes. Solve at least 2 LR Sets and 2 DI sets every day and if possible, keep a check on the time taken to solve each of them. Revise tables, spheres and cubes. Go through the techniques for calculations and approximation and analyze various types of graphs. Ultimately, revise pointers derived after analyzing your mocks.

Quantitative Ability (QA): Aspirants should learn and revise the formula by heart. They should practice the topics and brush up their skills. More topics need to be revised carries some weightage in the exam. Time allocation is the biggest factor they keep in mind while preparing for the exam. Math’s, especially commercial math and arithmetic, should practice more as it carries a lot of weightage in the exam.

In the last month, Aspirants should not try some new topics. They should keep revising the topics covered earlier. Devote time equally to all the subjects. Try to appear more on the Mock tests and analyze all incorrect questions of the mock tests. Don’t forget to revise the last 5 years’ CAT examination papers.

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