How to prepare for
CAT in 6 Months

How to prepare for CAT in 6 Months

How to prepare for CAT in 6 Months?

The candidates who are looking forward to appearing for the Common Admission Test (CAT) are always confused about the right time to start their preparations. The CAT exam this year is scheduled for 29th November and IIM Indore will be the conducting body for this year. Now, with just six months left for the exam, is the right time to start your preparations for the CAT 2020 examinations. Its time to put your best shoes on and start practicing for the most desired exam. Decide whether you want to join a coaching institute or not by keeping in view your strengths.

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From June to July

You can start your preparations by looking at previous year question papers, by getting accustomed to the format of the exam and introducing yourself to the various sections. This can be done by gathering good online resources or books for practice or by giving a few mocks or sectional tests so you can assess where you stand now, you can analyze what are your stronger sections and where you need to work more. In these months, students should start building their strategies to tackle every section such as, get well versed in techniques to solve Quantitative Analysis questions with accuracy and speed, find shortcuts to solve Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning questions and find books or articles to read daily to help them increase their reading speed which will help them in Verbal Ability section. This will help them to settle their foundation strongly

From August to September

In these significant months, students should entirely focus on practicing and increasing their speed and accuracy. Solve as many question papers you can get your hands on or any material from the internet or enroll in social groups where the other students are also practicing for the same. Enroll for the test series of various coaching institutes available online where you can practice more and analyze every test thoroughly. The analysis will help the students to understand what are their stronger sections and where they went wrong and what needs more work

From October till D-DAY

With the CAT exam just around the corner, practice as much as you can according to your developed strategy or any strategy which is suggested to you. Keep your mind at peace as such exams put a lot of mental stress. Keep revising

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