How Should I Prepare for Other Exams Like SNAP, IIFT, XAT...??

This is a common question that most of the students are asking. Here is a way forward.

#1 Target any 3 exams (at the most) in next 1.5 Months, and prioritize them
#2 Look at last year’s paper of Each of them in next 4-5 days and understand the kind of questions being asked.
#3 Identify the sources to prepare for it. For example, the SNAP exam Prep will be taken care here on Unacademy CAT. I am starting Quant and LR for SNAP from 30th.
#4 For IIFT and XAT, understand the Kind of GK questions being asked (in XAT, GK is considered only for XLRI admissions at the later stage)
#5 Since you have already prepared for CAT, you just need to practice more and acclimatize yourself with the kind of questions being asked.
#6 Remember, every year, thousands of students prepare for these exams only after CAT and also clear it… So, don’t worry. Ypu can also do it!

Hope, this helps!

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