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BBA Specializations in India

Commerce is a substantial field of unlimited avenues to explore and Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) is one of them. Students who aspire to make a career in the field of management can opt for BBA as this is one of the best professional degree one can pursue. Top colleges and universities in India offer BBA courses. BBA is an undergraduate course that the students can apply for after 10 + 2. Top colleges like IIM Indore, and IIM Rohtak also offer courses like Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) which provide an entry for the students into IIM just after their 12th. 

BBA course offers a pool of specializations in the field of management for the students to choose and make their careers in. Following are some of the much-desired specializations that BBA has to offer 

BBA in International Business 

BBA is a degree full of endeavors and to specialize in International Business in BBA in today’s globalized world will surely open a broader horizon. Students get to learn about various international laws and processes related to accountancy, taxation, trading, economic policies, etc. This will get you jobs in multinational companies and even abroad 

BBA in Finance 

Students who have a flair for mathematical numbers, statistical data and are well versed with reasoning and analyzing skills should opt for BBA in Finance. Finance is a very significant department in every company and getting a job in the administrative department will be a great headway. Finance professionals are very well paid 

BBA in Computer Applications 

A BBA degree with the specialization of Computer Application is like one complementing the other. Computer Applications is a revolutionary field and it will keep growing for the decades to come. In this course, the students will study developing various computer applications and programming. The BBA degree will increase the business acumen and the knowledge of computer applications and programming will help to open doors in the IT sector. The need for IT professionals is increasing day by day 

BBA in Entrepreneurship 

BBA in Entrepreneurship is for the students who aspire to start their own business or want to grow and build their family business. BBA is a professional course and the curriculum is well designed for the students to learn the process from the ground level and enable them to run a business. Students assimilate the working process of a business 

BBA in Human Resources 

Human Resources is one specialization that is most admired. Human Resource is an intrinsic part of the company which makes sure that the relationship between the company and the employee is good and the latter is content. Reconciling the relationship between the employee and the company is what Human Resources is all about. After a BBA degree, you don’t get a job at the manager level but surely one can work with various companies and can switch between industries 

BBA in Information Systems 

A BBA degree with the specialization of Information Systems assists the students to resolve the complexities in the business with the help of technology. Students acquire the knowledge of computer programming and get to know the business perspective also. This enhances the level of the candidates and is prepared to work in the IT industry which is one of the best paying sectors 

BBA in Marketing 

A candidate who has good communication skills, fair in working with teams, and the ability to solve problems should opt for this specialization. Most of the companies require marketing professionals to promote their products and services.BBA in Marketing will teach the students various business marketing principles through various case studies and enables them to tackle the real-life problems the companies are facing 

BBA in Sports Management 

Sports Management is a booming field and has a lot of capacity to be one of the most successful industries in the future. The course is very well designed for the students to equip them with the structural and communication tools which are required to manage the sports events, federations, teams, and clubs 

BBA in Logistics & Supply Chain 

In a manufacturing company, logistics and supply chain is an essential department. It covers departments from supplying raw material to the company to delivering the finished products to the customers. For a manufacturing company to augment, the logistics and supply chain department should flow smoothly. Students who have the decision-making ability and are good at working with teams should opt for this course 

BBA in Hospitality & Tourism 

Hospitality is again an upcoming industry in an evolving country like India. It covers a huge sector of the economy too. In addition to that tourism has always been a thriving industry and to choose a career path with aBBA degree in Hospitality and Tourism will set you the path of growth and success. This course helps the students to understand the aspects of the travel industry like tour planning, foreign exchange management as well as the marketing and sales of these services 

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