Q. I have been Practicing plenty of questions of Percentage/Profit loss, but still, I am not able to solve a new question. What should I do?
A. Solving 60-70 questions every day will not be helpful if you keep looking at solutions without spending sufficient time. Rather, solve 20-25 questions and give sufficient time (at least 15 mins, if required) to think about that question. This will improve your question comprehension capabilities and you will be able to start getting the ideas, next time.

Q. Do I have sufficient time to crack CAT 2020?
A. Yes, you do. You need to spend about 4-5 hours a day practicing various areas like QA, VA, RC, and LR-DI, apart from attending daily sessions at Proton Training Solutions. Think this way - what's the point in giving up 4 months before even without trying...

Q. Can I leave Algebra questions in Option?
A. No. You can't afford to leave any of the Quant area Untouched as you do not know from which area the easy questions will come in actual CAT. So, just make sure to go through the basics of Algebra (or some other area of Quant that you dislike) so that you can solve those easy questions if they are from that area. Yes, you can avoid solving/practicing tough questions from that area.

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