Interview Experience :1 Interview Experience :1 Interview Experience :1 Interview Experience :1 Interview Experience :1 Interview Experience :1

2 panelists (both f)

IIM Calcutta Experiences IIM Calcutta Experiences IIM Calcutta Experiences IIM Calcutta Experiences IIM Calcutta Experiences IIM Calcutta Experiences IIM Calcutta Experiences

Two-member panel. Both elderly gentlemen. 

No, tell me something about yourself or why MBA.

Lots of questions on my hobbies and my career goals.

The interview lasted around 10 min.

Panel 5

  1. Why left job ? ( Have gap of 11 months )
  2. Are nationalised banks managed well ? ( I went to NPAs )
  3. How to reduce NPA problem ?
  4. Why is the stock market rising so much?
  5. Tell us something you want us to know about you?

The interview started at 9.30

Went for about 20 minutes

Panel: 1 male prof(M1) and 1 female prof(F1)

Started by sharing greetings

There was slight confusion with my course name. So, clarified it. It’s BFIA aka BBA(FIA) aka BBA.

F1 asked about what courses I took in my ug. I told that majorly finance and told the name of the subjects.

After noticing that I have courses in economics too, asked a little bit about economics. He asked the difference between macro and microeconomics. After a few cross-questions, he asked if I’m comfortable with stats and numbers. I said that I’m fairly comfortable with it as I studied stats and econometrics.

Further questions about OLS. A brief discussion on OLS.

F1 asked about FinTech. I mentioned that I’m interested in Fintech in the form. Had a discussion around Fintech and wealth tech.

Then, M1 asked about Investment banking.

Questions: do you think investment banking and commercial banking should be separate.

Talked about it not being that aligned in India. Casually moved on to 2008 financial crisis. Had a discussion around the financial crisis

Panel 2: A male prof. & female Alumni maybe

No tell me about yourself & Why MBA qsns

They asked me basic questions on my profile & basic finance stock market things

Panel 5, Slot: 10:15 AM, Interview started at 11:10, over by 11:20

Started off with casual hi-hello and then they asked me to tell me something about myself.

Then they were like we’re done. Asked me a bit about if I had any technical problems or not with the whole interview process. I said no. They were like okay, thank you.

Panel 5, two elderly gentlemen

Total time ~15 min

  1. Tech fresher

The interview basically had two sections. The first was on public sector banks (privatization, mergers, etc), RBI policy, global exchange rates. The second part was on my hobby.

No math, no HR, no acads


2 male professors

Post greetings one person asked me how comfortable I’m with maths

I said I like playing with numbers

Asked me around 5 questions related to arithmetic mean, which went well

A lame equation on cos and sine with 4 terms adding up to 5 ..asked me to solve it but I took 30 odd seconds which were meaningless..but did say no finally and explained

Also asked a question that what if we continuosly take cube root of a positive number, where will it tend. I was a noob to say that I’m not sure but it might tend to 0 (the answer as I check now is 1)

Also the other guy asked questions about my home town and my birthplace

(A question for Mumbai peeps, why is Fort called Fort?)

Two name related  questions too were asked

Asked me to give 2 positives and 2 negatives regarding the budget..and how do u think we can increase the income of the country

That’s it, no academic questions, no hobby related questions. 

All the best!

Y’all will rock!

Panel 2 11:35 am | 1 male prof 1 female prof

Q1. What are you doing now? (Since I took time off for civil services)

Ans. Presented my case 

Q2. When did you leave your job?

Q3. Why did you go for civil services? So MBA is plan B

How did u do there ?

Q4. GK ones :

-any recent case going on in USA? Couldn’t recall

You seem to be out of touch with US news

Anyone u can compare with Trump in India?

Ans. Avoided Modi, went for Kangana Ranaut 

Why so?

-Why is the globe tilted? a manufacturing defect?

Q5. What did u do at ZS?

Q6. U say your long term goal is a meaningful and fulfilling life ¦ so u are non-ambitious? Isn’t it?

Q7. Any recent books that u read(mentioned this in the hobby)

Ans. mentioned Imagining India and Burning forests of Bastar(Nandini Sundar)

Follow-up Q – has Nandini Sundar been awarded recently? Couldn’t recall any – turns out won The Malcolm and Elizabeth prize in 2017 

Q8. Did u face any technical issues during this interview?

IIM Rohtak  Experience IIM Rohtak  Experience IIM Rohtak  Experience IIM Rohtak  Experience IIM Rohtak  Experience IIM Rohtak  Experience

  Panel 1

two male Gave a 5-degree equation and asked abt roots.

Asked question on the mean.

On probability.

Abt my place.

Question from my profile form

Panel 1

Two male professors

Linear programming problem

Differentiation of x^x

Temples present in my hometown

About my mother’s profession

Why farmers from Punjab and Haryana only protesting?

Here’s the transcript of my interview with Panel 5. Might help some CSE grads

Great Lakes Interview Experience - 7 Feb Great Lakes Interview Experience - 7 Feb Great Lakes Interview Experience - 7 Feb Great Lakes Interview Experience - 7 Feb Great Lakes Interview Experience - 7 Feb Great Lakes Interview Experience - 7 Feb

Great Lakes Interview Experience – 7 Feb

Tell me about yourself
I am in Imtiyay .I was born in a village near Raj Mahal which is in Jharkhand. My name itself means distinction . I was a good student in school. I have got 9.6 CGPA in matric and as I was interesting story and fiction ,so I took literature as my graduation subject. I love music and I also sing quite well . I have also written a few stories. I think I am a creative person and I am a research oriented person. I like to motivate my friends and give them practical and realistic advices. that’s it.

any specific achievement

as of now I haven’t achieved what I desire for but I have got 86 percentile in CAT that is quite an achievement for me, because last few years have been tough for me I was, academically I Got low scores ,so it is quite an achievement for me and I was a good student in my school ,getting 9.6 CGPA is also an achievement for me.

why MBA after literature

because my long-term goal is to work in a senior executive position in an MNC . if I go for PG in English, then my goal will be delayed so it’s better for me to go for an MBA right now.

you will have to learn maths finance accounting marketing how will you cope up with that

I think I have enough motivation and I am open to learning. I am introspectibe in nature .I know my weaknesses .I will try to face any challenge that will be given to me.

your favourite subject of literature

actually there were Honours papers like poetry prose etc

tell me the difference between Hycho and sonnet

I don’t know about Hicko and sonnet , it consists of 14 lines and there are four lines and there are ,I tried to explain but I fumbled for half a minute and couldn’t explain properly .mam said it’s ok


I love music and I am a good singer as well

what form of music do you like

these days I am listening more like ghazals and I use to listen to old songs , semi classical, ghazals, these types of songs

any special achievement

right from my childhood I was an introvert kind of guy, so I haven’t participated as such in so many competitions

maam said, sir, I think we are done, but sir started asking me you are from Jharkhand right, who is the finance minister of Jharkhand
I took some moments ad then I said I can’t recollect now

then he asked when was Jharkhand created
so I told them it was created in 2001 I think
so Imtiaz we are done with your interview

IIM CAP Rounds - Interview Experience - Shivam Sisodia - 24 Feb IIM CAP Rounds - Interview Experience - Shivam Sisodia - 24 Feb IIM CAP Rounds - Interview Experience - Shivam Sisodia - 24 Feb IIM CAP Rounds - Interview Experience - Shivam Sisodia - 24 Feb IIM CAP Rounds - Interview Experience - Shivam Sisodia - 24 Feb


About College?

Projects and academics?

(Mostly asked about the project, technology, and how u will bring technology into the business)

How will u contribute yourself in MBA college?


Why grades are low?

Extempore (how social media affecting the youth )

About Covax vaccine ?

What is your dream company ?

Duration above 15 min

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